Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nails Magazine

I got a little bit of unexpected money today.

So I ordered a book for my husband.

And what I"m ridiculously excited about is I subscribed to:!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

So Many Colors

Tonight's experiment was pretty darned successful.  It was also time consuming.

I started with a base coat on all nails (Kiss Nails Everlasting French nails) of Finger Paints "Paper Mache".  A white base coat helps the neon colors pop!  Then I used Sinful Colors "Pink", China Glaze "In the Lime Light", China Glaze "Japanese Koi", China Glaze "Celtic Sun", Sinful Colors "Dream On" and Wet N Wild Black.

I used each of the neon colors in random spots on each nail.  After they dried, I used tape to block off sections of each nail and then used the black polish over the tape.  Remove the tape and voila!!

More Goofing Around

Trying out polishes and generally playing around.

Top one is Wet N' Wild black polish as the base and red acrylic paint as the heart.  Topped with CND "Crimson Sparkle".

Bottom is Finger Paints "Paper Mache" with black acrylic paint for the stripes.

Blood Ravens

What the hell is a Blood Raven, you ask?  Check this out and it will explain:

I did this design because my husband has this as a tattoo.

It's CND "Desert Suede" as the base, then I free-handed black and red acrylic paints as the design.  It's far from perfect, but not bad for my first attempt! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playin' Around

Base: Two coats of Petites "Figi".  Then, two coats of CND Effects "Crimson Sparkle".  For fun, I put on a flower using Finger Paints "Paper Mache" and Stripe Rite Metallic Pink.  Add a nice top coat and you're good to go!

Sunday's Success

Here we have CND's "Dark Ruby" by itself on the left.  Two coats.

On the right, I added CND Effects "Crimson Sparkle".  I literally said "WOW" when I put it on because there was such a dramatic change!  It really makes the "Ruby" in Dark Ruby pop.  It's much brighter red than on the left.

It's a really pretty combo and I will definitely wear it frequently. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Welcome, everyone!

Thank you for your interest in my blog.  I appreciate it and promise that I won't let you down!

If you have any questions, comments or request for something you would like me to try, please e-mail me at

Thanks again!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Bounty from the Box

Here we have CND's "Raspberry Plunge" by itself on the left.  On the right, I added the Effect color "Crimson Sparkle".

When I was applying the "Raspberry Plunge", I noted how thick it is.  Thick in a good way, not the "this is so thick it doesn't apply well" way.  :)   I think I could have used just one coat, but am so used to applying 2 or 3 coats of a base color, that I did use two.

For the "Crimson Sparkle", I used one generous coat. 

The lighting where I took the photos isn't so great, so please forgive me.  Will find a better location for future shots.

Overall, I am VERY pleased with CND!

Pink & Glittery

Sorry for the fuzziness of the hands aren't as steady as I'd like today.

Anyhoo...above I have Kiss nail tips on with China Glaze's "Sexy Silhouette" as the base and Sally Hansen's "Rockstar Pink" for the glitter.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here's What Was In The Box

Top: A lovely brochure about CND Colors and the Effects line that glams up your color!
Bottom: (l-r) Dark Ruby, Raspberry Plunge, Desert Suede and Crimson Sparkle.

The brochure shows 50 colors and 15 effects options!  And there are 3 levels of effects: Pearls, Shimmers and Sparkles, with Sparkles being the top of the stack for shiny/sparkly goodness!

I will be trying these out soon, so stay tuned.

What's In The Box?

I got a package in the mail today from CND in response to my request for items to review for my blog... Can't wait to see what's in it and try it out!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Better Results

Today's purchases turned out much better.  Finger Paints "Paper Mache" with China Glaze Metal Crackle "Latticed Lilac".


I was SO excited to try my Kiss Nails stencil kit!

I applied a base coat of Finger Paints "Paper Mache" to my toes.  Then I got out the stencil kit.  When I pulled the first stencil off the backing, I was surprised to find how thin it was.  I thought it would be more sturdy.  I applied one to each of my big toes and one to each of my 2nd toes.

After I used the paint from the kits, I allowed plenty of time for it to dry.

When I went to take the stencils off, all of them ripped.  And in the process of trying to get the ripped stencils off, I scratched into the base coat. 

They turned out really poorly.  I guess I will keep the paints and try to find different stencils.  No pictures due to how badly they turned out.

Overall, I'm really let down.  I will continue to buy Kiss Nails, because the nails are good.  I will not recommend the stencil kits though.

A Trip to Sally's

It feeds the soul. 

I picked up a few necessities.  Some China Glaze Crackle Metal in "Latticed Lilac", Finger Paints "Paper Mache" and Stripe Rite nail art color in Rose Metallic.

Time to get to work!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Toy!

I picked up one of these kits last night.  I'm excited to try it out.  Pictures will follow!

Monday, August 15, 2011

More "Selling"

Tonight at work, I was pushing the Wet N' Wild products (makeup and nail polish) and Sinful Colors nail polish. 

I did really well!  One lady and her daughter got 7 bottles of Sinful Colors and 2 of Wet N' Wild.  :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last night, I was at work (part-time beauty adviser for a chain store) and I was really talking up my favorite brands of fingernails... Broadway Nails and Kiss Nails. 
Broadway Nails

Kiss Nails

I spent probably 30 minutes with one lady telling her what I love about them and that I am a 2011 Ambassador for Broadway.  She was excited to hear that they have a program like that and was going to go home and "like" them both on Facebook.  She bought some Kiss nails to try out and I know she'll be back for more!

I also got to speak to several ladies and girls about "Sinful Colors" nail polish which is a great value and they have some fantastic colors!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Of My Favorites

Finger Paints Polishes!

wet N wild

Some Photos

 From Revlon's Scented Parfume line "Ocean Breeze".
China Glaze "Cowgirl Up" on Broadway Nails tips.

Broadway Nails Fashion Diva nails in Metal design.

Broadway Nails Fast French in Real Short length.

 Goofing around with marbling.  Bad picture, but I loved the result.

 China Glaze "Celtic Sun" (neon) with OPI's "Shatter".

China Glaze "Sexy Silhouette" with OPI's "Shatter".

 Sinful Colors "Love Nails" as the base and China Glaze "Frostbite" on the tips.

 China Glaze "In the Lime Light" with OPI Shatter on top.

Hello, World!

I'm obsessed with doing my nails.  Fingers, toes...doesn't matter. 

I figure my friends are tired of seeing photos and posts on my Facebook page, so why not start a blog.  I can put up whatever I want and only those who choose to follow the blog will have to see them.

I LOVE trying new polishes and design styles. 

I'm a 2011 Ambassador for Broadway Nails and am really enjoying trying out their new products and recommending them to everyone I meet.