Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was SO excited to try my Kiss Nails stencil kit!

I applied a base coat of Finger Paints "Paper Mache" to my toes.  Then I got out the stencil kit.  When I pulled the first stencil off the backing, I was surprised to find how thin it was.  I thought it would be more sturdy.  I applied one to each of my big toes and one to each of my 2nd toes.

After I used the paint from the kits, I allowed plenty of time for it to dry.

When I went to take the stencils off, all of them ripped.  And in the process of trying to get the ripped stencils off, I scratched into the base coat. 

They turned out really poorly.  I guess I will keep the paints and try to find different stencils.  No pictures due to how badly they turned out.

Overall, I'm really let down.  I will continue to buy Kiss Nails, because the nails are good.  I will not recommend the stencil kits though.

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