Friday, January 27, 2012

More Marbling

Starting with tips on Q-Tips, I used 5 clear and 5 beige tips.  I applied one coat of Finger Paints Paper Mache as the base to all of them.

Using room temperature water, I used China Glaze In the Lime Light, Wet N Wild black and the Finger Paints Paper Mache and got these results:

Next, China Glaze Japanese Koi with Wet N Wild black and the Finger Paints Paper Mache:

Here's Sally Hansen Cocktail Party, Nailtiques Moscow and Finger Paints Paper Mache: 

Of all my experiments, I think that the reds turned out the best and followed by that would be the orange & white.  There were more, but not all of them turned out worth posting.  ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just goofin' around today and here's some shots of what I came up with.  I would put what colors I used, but already put them away and can't remember...  It sucks to get old.

The second from the right in the bottom picture is my favorite of the batch.  That one is Finger Paints Pink Imagination as a base (2 coats) and then marbling of China Glaze Vertical Rush and Black Diamond. I'm hoping to duplicate this one on my next mani.  Keep your fingers crossed!

In the top photo, the first one turned out pretty cool as well.  It's a base of Pure Ice Pussy Cat.  Sinful Colors See You Soon and Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go and one other (sorry...can't remember - maybe the Black Diamond??) as the marbling.  It's really all trial and error.

The Blues

I blogged about getting Zoya's Ibiza in the mail the other day and how fantastic it is.  And I can never leave well enough alone.  So I did this:

China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara on top.  <3 it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sally Beauty Haul

Today I went to Sally Beauty and got all of this:

(L-R: 2 pair earrings, Terrific Tips Clear Vision nail tips, China Glaze Love Marilyn, Orly Dazzle, It's So Easy Rhinestone Picker Uperr, Beauty Secrets nail glue, Art Club nail art in red hologram hearts and clay art ivory flowers)

Earrings?  Yeah.  They were shiny and right there at the check-out.  Plus I need some new sparklies for when my hubby and I go on vacation in a few weeks.

The nail tips intrigue me.  The ones I normally use seem to have changed their shape and sizing and I'm trying these to see how they work.

Red glitter nail polish.  Can you ever have enough?  NO, I say!  And it's different than the red glitter polish I got like 2 days ago...  :-O

Silver polish.  Goes with everything.

Rhinestone Picker Uperr: hoping it'll help me not drop the little bastards all over my floor! 

Glue.  This is new to me also.  We'll see how it goes.

And nail art.  I haven't used either of these and I'm particularly interested to see how the clay flowers work.  It could be fantastic or I could mangle them.  Check back for photos of my adventures.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I looked through these photos Nail Art and was not impressed.

I've seen far better on my own nails as well as the nails of the bloggers that I follow. 

What do you think, dear blog followers?

Sally Beauty Giveaway

Go here!  Sally Beauty Giveaway

Nail Mail!

Got Ibiza in the mail yesterday. It's the first time I've ever gotten something in the mail where the *second* I took it out of the package, I went "WOW" and immediately opened it and put it on. It's AMAZING!
 It is so creamy!  I never thought that would be a word I would use for nail polish and mean it as a good thing.  It's almost good to go on one coat, but I always use two - no matter what kind of polish I use.  

Top is artificial light with no flash.  Bottom is in sunlight - also no flash.  And this is also with no topcoat.  I'm going to put a topcoat on now, but couldn't wait to post about this polish!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Z Nailz

This time I wanted to try something in red.  I don't use red very often even though my husband loves when I wear red.  This one's for you, honey!

My camera (or maybe it's me) doesn't always take very good close-up photos, but this gives you the general idea.  Here, I used Zoya Karina as the red base (2 heavy coats) and then China Glaze Lubu Heels (also 2 heavy coats) on top.  I abso-freakin-lutely love the Lubu Heels!!!  It's a blackish with red glitter.  Fantastic!

The Karina wasn't as much RED as I had hoped.  Next time I do this one, I'm going to use China Glaze's Ruby Pumps and see if it makes a difference.

This photo makes it look a bit orange...but it's a ROCKIN' red.  I picked it up at Sally Beauty today along with China Glaze's Dorothy Who:
Sparkly things to come!

Have a great day :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Here we have China Glaze Black Diamond as the base and China Glaze Crackle in Latticed Lilac.  The Black Diamond almost looks green in the second photo.  Thinking I should have gone with black or another color as the base...  Or maybe the crackle didn't do exactly what I wanted?  Dunno.  I do know that I bumped one of the nails while it was still tacky, but the great thing about crackle is that you can't tell!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


2 thick coats of Zoya's Twila.  Sorry that they're kinda messy.  I'm feeling lazy today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free ZOYA!!!

Free Zoya!!


Today I got off my duff and hung the rack.  YAY!!

I went through the bin-o-polishes and weeded out some that I don't use any more and found some I forgot that I have (and love).  So here they all are.  I was torn as to whether to organize by color or by brand and decided to - mostly - go by color.

There's a couple bottles that aren't up there because I'm getting ready to do a mani.  But if my count is right, I'm down to 75 bottles after the weeding-out.  Hopefully the hubster won't count them...he may have a heart attack.  ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Rack

Did I mention, dear followers, that I got this little beauty for Christmas??

Now I just have to get off my duff and put it on the wall and fill it up!!  The big question is, will my box-o-polish fill the RACK, or will I have to purchase more pretties to accomplish the task?  Stay tuned!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year!

This idea was cooler in my mind than it turned out in reality, but I still love the polishes!

China Glaze Blue Year's Eve and Lorelei's Tiara