Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Party

Friday was the holiday party for my husband's company.  It was a 60s themed shindig and was airline based like the show "Pan Am".  Here's a few photos from the festivities...
Each attendee got their own set of wings.  Stewardesses greeted us and we got to walk "into the plane" at the entrance of the party area.

And here we are.  Most of the people there were dressed in "Mad Men" type attire, but we went the hippie route.
This was my selection for manicure for the night.  As always, Broadway Nails.  :)  With Wet N' Wild black as the base and 2 coats of Revlon's Slipper is the glitter polish on top. 

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  1. I LOVE sparkle nails!!!! but I must admit, seeing Jeff with that much hair wigs me out. no pun intended.