Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mission 5!

Broadway Nails mission 5: imPRESS press-on manicure.

I promised a no-holds-barred review, so here we go!
First, I really like the nail polish bottle package.  It's cute, closeable, portable and just fun.  Inside the box is the "bottle" and the prep pad (behind the pink card thingy).

I noticed right away that the sizes do run smaller than the other nails in the Broadway line that I use (10 Minute French).  The size numbers on the under side of the nail are a bit hard to read due to the tabs on the nails.  Aside from the difference in sizing, they are very easy to apply.  I encourage you to watch the video on applying: imPRESS tutorial.

I found myself applying pressure to them frequently even after the first few hours I had them on.  A couple of the nails felt "wiggly" and I didn't want one popping off when I was out.  And I waited over 24 hours after applying before I showered.  Unfortunately, 2 of the nails didn't survive.  I decided to remove them all and the ones that stayed on were really on.  

Right now, the imPRESS are only in the short length.  I tend to wear the medium, but these were a nice switch.  I really liked the design (Space Cadet) and the hint of sparkle.  

This is the first set I tried and I will be applying them again to see if I get the same or different results.

For the first attempt, I would say that these would definitely be great for a night out or for vacation.  Not sure how they would stand up in a work environment where you use your hands a lot (typing, cleaning, etc.).  So I will try another set in a different design...there are, after all 36 different ones to wear!!  Go here to try them on: Try imPRESS

If any of you have tried these, let me know your thoughts!!


  1. I've never tried nails like that. :)
    But: I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out on my blog if you like:

  2. Thank you!! That is amazing!